Victoria for New Year’s 2018

Taylor and I hopped on the Victoria Clipper early on December the 31st. It’s not quite a three hour boat ride that gets you to Victoria, B.C. which is on Vancouver Island. Our plan was to walk around the waterfront, drink beer, and just play in the sunshine for two days. We did just a night there for New Year’s and loved it! Anyone who comes to Seattle should consider taking the clipper up for a quick getaway. 


Around the states and Canada


My map of the USA and Canada.

2017 was filled with tons of weekend adventures and a flight almost every month!

Some fun places this year were: 

New Year’s in Chicago

Vancouver, BC

Denver and Colorado Springs twice

Portland, OR

Washington D.C. 

Austin, TX twice

Dallas, TX


and of course all over Washington state. 

2018 will start in Victoria B.C. and then we will quickly be on our way to South Korea and Thailand!

Skiing @ Big White

Have you ever been 19, bought alcohol in Canada, and snuck it back over the border like you were super bad @$$ while your parents were driving in the front seat? Well yeah, I did. Sorry mom and dad, I did! Yeah, I know. I’m cool. 

During college my family visited some of our friends up in Kelowna, BC (5 hours east of Vancouver) and skied the whole weekend. We stayed at a condo on Big White and had a ball.