Around the states and Canada

Here is my map of the USA and Canada.

Most recent: Washington D.C. (May 2017); Leavenworth (June 2017);  Chelan (July 2017); Austin (August 2017); Colorado (September 2017); Dallas (October 2017)

Up next: Oahu (November 2017); Austin (November 2017)


I love going up to Vancouver and try to make it at least once a year. I need to explore more of Canada but haven’t been further east than Alberta. I love their Korean food, walking around Stanley Park, going to Gastown, and stuffing my face with poutine.

Snowshoeing @ Hollyburn Peak just north of Vancouver
Sunset @ Stanley park
One day trip to get a beer

Skiing @ Big White

Have you ever been 19, bought alcohol in Canada, and snuck it back over the border like you were super bad @$$ while your parents were driving in the front seat? Well yeah, I did. Sorry mom and dad, I did! Yeah, I know. I’m cool. 

During college my family visited some of our friends up in Kelowna, BC (5 hours east of Vancouver) and skied the whole weekend. We stayed at a condo on Big White and had a ball.  

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