I sobbed at the airport when my parents decided I would spend the summer after my senior year of high school volunteering at a summer camp in Mexico. I didn’t want to be forced to speak Spanish and be away from my friends. Little did I know, I needed that kick to make traveling, expating, teaching, volunteering, and studying abroad my norm. During college I studied abroad in Europe and knew that although I was racking up student debt, I would make it a point to travel extensively as soon as I graduated. That led to teaching ESL in South Korea and saving enough to backpack around SE Asia. A few years later I was back in Seattle, working in the nonprofit sector, and scraping away while paying the remainder of my debt.


My boyfriend, Taylor, and I quit saved up, quit our jobs, and now are currently nomading around Thailand. He’s an architect gone teacher and I work online as a freelance writer, ESL teacher, and director for a jewelry company that employs women in Uganda.