Living in Chiang Mai

Taylor and I moved to Chiang Mai in the middle of April 2018. We had this dream to go on an adventure in a fun part of the world that would give us access to all parts of Asia.


Wait didn’t I already do that…. Uh yes, I moved to Korea in 2012 and stayed 27 months. Well, that’s another story

Never hurts in doing it again! 

Because Chiang Mai is “home,” I don’t update my Chiang Mai life on a regular basis. It’s just not natural for me to write in a journal about my days (mostly filled with singing the ABCs to little kids to fund my travels).

However, I have written a few articles for Modern Trekker about my favorite things in Chiang Mai. These articles will give you some insight into my daily life that I experience while living in Chiang Mai. 

Additionally, I have been asked various questions about traveling to Thailand. I have compiled that list here

Here are more topics about Chiang Mai that I can answer questions about. 

  • Why I hate the visa process for living in Chiang Mai. (Three part blog post)
  • How to get an apartment in an affordable and fun neighborhood. 
  • How to get health insurance as an expat.  
  • How to stay calm when you get bit by a dog. 
  • Why I refuse to get a motorbike driver’s license. 

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