Mini vacays around Thailand

Taylor and I are trying to explore as much of Thailand while we are living here. That said, I am not going to write a blog post about every single weekend vacation because, well, I have a life. But here are some amazing places we have experienced while living in Thailand. I’ll keep these mini trips updated every few months and feel free to reach out with questions about any of these destinations!


In mid August Taylor and I went to Pai for a three day weekend. We took a mini bus for $25 round trip for the two of us from Chiang Mai. We left on a Friday night which was not the best since there was bad traffic. It took us about 4 hours to get there. The roads are pretty windy but it wasn’t too bad.
As soon as we stepped off the bus it was culture shock. Backpacker hippies, street lasagna, avocados, and dreads everywhere. The only Thai people were the vendors. However, it was a really cute little downtown walking street area and very lively. We crossed the river to drop off our bags at Canary Guest House which was a nice little hop away from the main town but only a five minute walk. It was quiet and only cost 1000 baht for three nights.
We spent the days at hot springs, motorbiking through the mountains, visiting the big Buddha, and going to waterfalls. It was beautiful. Pai is a really fun weekend trip which is also very accessible from Chiang Mai.


For Taylor’s 29th birthday we flew down to Krabi. It was also the same weekend as Buddha day so we didn’t realize we couldn’t buy alcohol for two days. OH WELL. But we had a four day weekend so flew down on a Friday morning and stayed through Sunday during the end of July.
It was rainy season but it really only rains about an hour or two a day. We got tons of massages, ate good Indian food, and relaxed on the beach during the overcast days.
Taylor spent a day with a private climbing guide at Railay and I walked all over Ao Nang (where we stayed). The following day we did an overpriced tour of the most crowded hot springs I’ve ever seen and the Emerald Pools. Honestly, it was fine, but it was just LOTS of people.
We had a little bungalow on the hill which I 100% don’t recommend as it was overpriced and my AIRBNB host would not stop messaging me. But overall, we had a great time. Ao Nang is really nice and we loved watching the little Thai kiddos picnic with their families and run all over the beach.
Ao Nang Beach

Chiang Dao

Taylor and I went to Chiang Dao in mid-June to celebrate our two year anniversary. Chiang Dao is about an hour and a half bus ride north of Chiang Mai. Our friends recommended that we spend a weekend here exploring the hot springs, caves, and Cave Bar. We stayed at Nest One which cost us 1000 baht per night. It was amazing. A cute little “resort” nestled into the lush greenery. Unfortunately, we went during the beginning of rainy season so hiking in the national parks was forbidden.
We spent the weekend swimming in the pool, exploring the cave attraction, and walking through the beautiful temple just down the road from our accommodation. When you get to Nest One, the staff give you a map with the attractions on it which makes it very easy to get around.
To get to Chiang Dao we took a 40 baht from a bus station that is just walking distance from our house in Chiang Mai. The bus dropped us off in town. From there we had the folks at the fruit stand call a yellow seongthaew for us so that we could get to our bungalow. This cost us 100 baht each.
Our “resort/cottages” had delicious western food and IPAs. The meal was a bit pricey for us but we went with it as it was just a weekend away. We loved spending the evenings at the Cave Bar about a 500 meter walk down the road. There were plenty of bar games and Buppha was the nicest bar tender!
We will go back to Chiang Dao as soon as we can hike. It’s a really easy weekend getaway from Chiang Mai.
Hanging out at Chiang Dao Nest One

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