Five days in Penang

Taylor and I had the opportunity to pop on over to Penang, Malaysia for five days at the end of June. Neither of us had been before, so we were really excited. He needed to go on a visa run for his job in Thailand and I had time off!

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We had heard good things about Penang so chose a spot in Georgetown, the northeastern part of the island, to stay for our trip duration. It’s a bit (OK definitely) touristy, but it’s still not as well-known as most other tourist hubs in SE Asia.

Over the course of five days we stuffed our faces with amazing Indian food. Seriously, the best food I’ve probably ever had while traveling. And yes, I will likely say that after every trip. We also were finally to actually relax. I think it was one of the first vacations where I didn’t feel like I needed to do something every second. We slept in, started our days slowly, ate food, and spent the evenings playing cards outside of bars while people watching. It was perfect.

It was really interesting to be in a country that was predominantly Islam. I loved seeing the mix of western, Chinese, Islam, Buddhist, and whatever else all together.

The British ruled Malaysia until 1957 when it became an independent country. We went to Fort Cornwallis to get a bit of the history.

Penang was lovely, low-key, relaxed, and delish.

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