Back to Seoul!

I love love love looooove South Korea. Seoul has an amazing subway, is totally walkable, is CHEAP, has crazy good public WIFI almost everywhere, you can drink cheap booze outside of a 7/11, there are FREE TOILETS, clooooothes, and like zero homelessness – at least nothing at all like Seattle. It’s like a little playground of happiness, bright lights, cute phone cases, and puffy coats. 

Just as an FYI, I lost almost ALL of my photos in Korea. So here’s a tiny snippet of the trip.


After 3.5 years of being away from the true and authentic smell of kimchi, I was back in Korea! As a past expat, I had all the nostalgical feels throughout this trip. I was excited to bring the dude this time and I had a strict itinerary: Eat ALL of the food that I missed so much.

South Korea can be done on a budget (and even more so if you don’t booze up too much). We stayed in a budget hostel in the lively Hongdae University district from Wednesday, February 27th through Monday, March 5th. We love bunking with strangers and trying to make friends.

And because I’m a nerd, I tracked every $$ – ₩ – that we spent.

Here’s our budget breakdown of our time in Korea for 5 nights.

Accommodation + free breakfast: $150

Airport train to our hostel: $10

On our first night I was actually really bummed. We had been traveling forever and I really just wanted some soju and deokbokki. The Deokbokki was found, but it was booze free. And in our neighborhood there were only craft breweries! I’m from Seattle! I don’t need craft beer? I need Hite! I had forgotten that you can’t just go out and get a drink, you need to stuff your face and I wasn’t ready for KBBQ that evening. Nevertheless, 7/11’s were there to save the day. 

-Round trip train from Seoul Station to Pyeongtaek to meet up with Taylor’s brother for a day: $18 (2 tickets round trip)

-All other transportation including taxis and the subway around Seoul: $37

Gyeongbokgung Palace: $6 (2 tickets)

Leeum Samsun Museum of Art: $9 (1 ticket)

Bunny Cafe with snacks to feed the critters: $13

-Cafes: $40

-Booze: $28

-Food: $217 

Street food is dirt cheap. We can each snack for about $5 total. Our favorite experience was when we visited Colin, Taylor’s brother, in Pyeongtaek and got all you can eat Korean BBQ and a few beers and sojus. The bill for 3 people came to only $44. 

Total spendings: $528 and divided by two people that’s just $264 which comes to just over $50 per day. Hooray! 


Traveling with the looooove of my life.


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