Why Washington state is the best place in the world

It has EVERYTHING. Ocean, lakes, mountains, trees, camping, beer, SUN. Yes, even though I love to travel, I always have to come back here where it is home. 


I grew up camping at Third Beach which is off of the Peninsula about an hour from Port Angeles. My first time I went I was two years old and my latest trip was three weekends ago. I have probably been 15+ times because it is a bit sentimental for the Palmer side of my family. You hike in just over a mile and camp on the beach. Climb out on the rocks, have a campfire, play some frisbee, and enjoy the peace that the beach brings. 



Long Lake, Lake Chelan, Lake Roosevelt, Columbia River, Lake Union, Lake Washington…. ETC… A day out on my kayak on the lake after work is a great way to unwind.




Seattle is GREAT because it is SO close to the mountains. One of my favorite memories was in July of 2016. Taylor and I woke up on a Sunday at 3am and drove a few hours to Mt. St. Helen’s and summitted it that afternoon. That mountain is amazing because once you reach the top you see the dramatic affects of the eruption from 1980



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