Korea reunion in Bohol

In October 2016 I had a reunion with Stacey who was one of my best friends in Korea. We had been planning to meet up for a bit and decided to go to the Philippines. We both brought our boyfriends, Taylor & Sam, and got together for a week long vacation.

It had been about 2.5 years since I had seen Stacey so I loved that we could plan a little reunion and bring the boys. Here’s a little breakdown of what we did in that time:

  • Day 1: Taylor and I arrived in Cebu a bit before Stacey & Sam. We were a bit jet lagged but walked around, got lost, found the Basilica del Santo Niño, played in the sun, and sang Justin Beiber with some little kids. In the evening when Stacey & Sam arrived we got KBBQ, of course.


  • Day 2: We took a Ferry over to Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol. We then taxied on over to the little island of Panglao and stayed on Alona Beach. It was about a two hour boat ride. We read, slept, drew, and relaxed in the sunshine on the nice ride. How great to be back in the Philippines!! This was my first time back to Asia since late 2014.


  • Day 3: We rented motorbikes and cruised around the little island. We found some deserted beaches, drank mango shakes, and went to the Hinagdanan cave.


  • Day 4: The four of us went on an island hopping & snorkeling tour. I was skeptical because I know these are overpriced and I really don’t want to get ripped off. Well, we did end up getting ripped off, but where do you draw the line of a few western $$’s? Honestly, it was beautiful. We swam super close to a bunch of sea turtles, enjoyed the crystal clear waters, and drank out of coconuts all day.


  • Day 5: We taxied about an hour east to Loboc where we would stay for a few days & enjoyed lunch on a river boat tour. I highly recommend staying at Fox & The Firefly Cottages. It was an adorable little get away right on the river. They also helped us book our SUP & mountain bike tour that we would do a few days after.


  • Day 6: We met some other travelers and all rented motorbikes, went to the Chocolate Hills, visited the tarsiers, & stopped at some waterfalls.


  • Day 7: Our cottages booked us a SUP & mountain bike tour for the day. Half of the was spent biking 15k around the area & then cruising down the river on our SUP boards. 


  • Day 8: Bye bye Stacey & Sam; Taylor & I went back to Panglao for one more night of beaching.


Taylor’s watercolor
  • Day 9: Taylor & I ferried back to Cebu and watched a crazy rave party at some random mall while I tried not to die from food poisoning. 
  • Day 10: Flight back to the states, but not before our long layover in TAIWAN. 

If you are looking for cheap massages, lots of downtime, great music at the bars, beach barbecue, food poisoning, laying at the pool, swimming in perfect water then you need to go to the Philippines! It’s not an expensive ticket, you can find very cheap accommodation, and who can refuse $1 dollar San Miguel beers? Perfect week in paradise with the people I love.

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