A layover in Taipei

I spent less than 10 hours in Taipei so I KNOW it doesn’t really count….. Anyways, my boyfriend Taylor and I had a long layover there in late 2016 so we decided to take a bus into the city and explore for a few hours. We went to the top of Taipei 101 which is the 8th tallest skyscraper (509 meters/1670 feet) in the world. We went to the lookout, got mango-beer floats, and learned about that big gold ball that keeps it from falling over.

We then walked around, got lost, ate DELICIOUS street food by looking at other people’s dishes and pointing. There was no way we would have any idea what we were ordering, but it worked out. 

I love being able to be in a city I have never been to and just walk around with no goal in mind. It would be great to go back and I could definitely see myself living there one day. It really reminded me of where I lived in Korea. 

Thank you Taiwan for your layover! 

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