Visiting my brother

In January 2016 I was able to visit my brother for about five days while he was living and volunteering in Ukraine. He was working at a center that helps children who have physical and mental disabilities. He stayed for a year and is now currently (April 2017) back over there serving as a volunteer for the Peace Corps which will go for a little over two more years. 


When I was there I spent a day at the school where he worked. He did a bunch of odd jobs and the staff and kids there absolutely LOVED him. It was fun to see him speak fluent Russian and interact so well with everyone. I toured the center, colored with some of the kids, and listened to their music classes.

In Chernihiv I could get a meal and drinks for under $5. We went ice-skating ($0.25), walked around the city, met his friends, and just explored. It was fun to see his day to day life over there. On the last few days we bused over to Kyiv which was just over an hour from his town and stayed in a hostel. We met some other travelers and went out with them that night. We walked all over which is my favorite thing to do in any new city.

I am really proud of my brother for all of the work he has done and the dedication he has put into volunteering in Ukraine. He is now fluent in Ukrainian and Russian and will soon be living in a little village of 1,300 people near the border of Moldova. He will work at a school, help teach English, and start up some clubs for the 130 students who attend the only school in the area.

To see more about what he is currently doing you can find his blog here.

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