I ordered butter?

I took the train from my cousins village of Bad Windsheim to Munich. I REALLY wanted to go to a big city. I ended up staying just two nights but kept busy the entire time. 

It started with me getting off the train and walking around in circles to get to my hostel which was actually just across the street from the train station. I found my room, threw my bags down and mapped out my route for the day. It was a BEAUTIFUL January day and I was staying in a perfect location.  

My main goal was to walk to Hofbrauhaus and get a beer. Walking around a new city is SO FUN to me, especially alone because there are no distractions and I love being forced to step out of my comfort zone. I soaked it all in. I made it to Hofbrauhaus and walked on in. I was a bit intimidated by the huge crowd and large tables of laughing friends. That was the moment I wish I had a someone with me. But I sat down and watched some live music and ordered food and a drink. My waiter came back a few minutes later with a stick of butter…. uh what? He then informed me that he was a bit confused as to why I had just ordered butter. I laughed and said that a pretzel and beer would be a great addition. I was just sitting there with my beer and overheard three guys next to me chatting in Korean. PERFECT! So I walked over to them and said, “Annyeonghaseyo” and they were shocked that I had said hello in Korean. I then sat with them and chatted. They were all from Seoul and traveling together for a little vacation. I asked if I could join them for the day and we ended up bouncing to a few different bars for the afternoon. They were nice guys and eventually we parted ways. 

I headed back to the hostel and went to the bar in hopes of making some more friends. I chatted with people from Seattle, Florida, and Austria. We played cards, went out for dinner, and hung out the rest of the evening. Later in the evening I met some more Koreans and one guy was from the neighborhood of Mugeodong in Ulsan where I had lived! What a small world. I love that when you travel alone you are forced to make friends. 

For the next couple days I went to Dachau, walked around the entire city for hours, got lost in a few different parks, ate really good food, and bought some really cool pants for 2 euros. 


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