Seahawks in Stockholm

I had a quick weekend long layover in Sweden in January 2016. I was going to meet my cousin Anna and her 5 year old daughter Vivi. Anna grew up in Ukraine but moved when she was a young adult. I was excited to have family to stay with and explore the city with them, even if it was freezing and dark.

We spent a day hiking to at an icy lake near her house, played dress-up with Vivi, walked around downtown Stockholm, had good coffee and food, and did some sightseeing.


I happened to be there during the NFL playoffs and the Seattle Seahawks were going to be playing the Carolina Panthers. I honestly don’t care THAT much about football but thought it would be fun to find a place where they might actually air American football. I called a bunch of bars and got rejection after rejection. BUT FINALLY I found one! So I headed over to O’Learys and saw that they played the games each week for a group of expats. I was really excited that I had succeeded in finding what I wanted. 

I watched the game with about 10 middle-aged men from all over the world. They were really nice and we chatted about how I was from Washington and what I was doing on my travels and the work they did in Sweden. I had a few beers, watched the Seahawks lose, then grabbed the train nearby later in the evening to head back to Anna’s apartment. I went around in circles, got lost, but finally made it back.

I enjoyed meeting my cousin and her daughter. She was very hospitable and I hope to see her again soon. I need to spend more time in Stockholm and hope to make a summer trip soon.

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