Trekking in SaPa

Have you ever had to rely on a less than 100 pound elderly woman to guide you through the mountains and make sure that you wouldn’t fall flat on your face? Well, I have. 

Should I or should I not go to Sapa? That’s not even a question if you enjoy hiking, cooler weather, and a whole different experience from anything else that Vietnam has to offer. I spent a couple of days trekking through the hills in northern Vietnam toward the end of my two month trip. Although it was cloudy and rainy for the most part, it was still absolutely beautiful. It’s easy enough to do an overnight bus from Hanoi and be at the Sapa town center by morning. Be prepared for cooler temperatures. If you need any winter gear there are discounted North Face stores on every corner in the main parts of Sapa and Hanoi. I bought a jacket that I later forgot on the boat ride to Halong Bay – womp wommmmp.

A group of about 8 of us were going on the two day trek – I wish I had gone a little longer but that’s just more reason to go back. Each day we walked about 8-10 miles through little villages. After our first day of sightseeing we stayed in a village home-stay where they prepped us a fantastic meal. We were able to explore the village, get mulled wine, treat ourselves to massages, and enjoy these little lavender infused baths up in the mountains.

After the first night we continued our journey through the slippery terrain. The photos tell more than I can. But this was such a unique experience and I’m glad that I took advantage of seeing this part of the country. Don’t believe me or still a bit skeptical? Well good thing for Tripadvisor


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