Boozin’ Monkey

I got in trouble for jumping off of a boat on the way to Halong Bay. Ok, it was a bit of a MESS. Yes, it is BEAUTIFUL. But it’s a tourist trap so BE CAREFUL! We took a sunset boat out to Cat Ba through Halong Bay. It was gorgeous but our tour guide was ripping us off horribly and so I just drank wine and fumed inside. Not my best moment, but I had been traveling in SE Asia for four months and was at the end of my scam tolerance. 


Anyways, there is a little place near Halong Bay called Monkey Island. I spent an afternoon climbing around, playing frisbee, and basking in the sun. The monkeys would LITERALLY come right up to you and sneak your beers. It was madness!


**It’s a lovely area of Vietnam, but if you go make sure to do the research before and make sure to negotiate prices and deals.**

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