Saigon won’t rip me off

SAIGON. It’s the COOLEST city ever. Ok, I’m lying I say that any time I go to a new city. I met up with my friends Kyle and Meghan who were living there at the time. They had a FIVE story house and paid $450 a month. WHAT!? Take me back PLEASE. They were both working and living there at the time and were great hosts for just over a week. We went to the pools, rode motorbikes, and ate great food.

Be careful if you are in a taxi. At one point I was in one and I could see that the driver was clicking the meter and making the price go up way too fast. A few blocks down the road it was becoming ridiculous so I asked him to pull over and let us out. I paid him his fee and he gave me back a very small amount of change. I looked over and saw he had hidden my $$ under his leg and acted as if I hadn’t just give it to him. I took his wallet, took my proper change, and got out of there. I had already been in SE Asia for over two months and didn’t have the patience to get ripped off. I was on a BUDGET. 

The Vietnam War museum was a really hard place to see in person. It was sad to see how it had affected so many people, both American and Vietnamese, horribly. I was impressed by all of the Americans who were drafted and refused to go because of their morals. They would burn their papers. People today are still affected by agent orange which can easily be passed down generation to generation.

During my last few days I got horribly sick and went to the doctor – so happy for my travel insurance! I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and laid in bed for a few days – NOT FUN. Luckily I had such wonderful hosts and wasn’t stuck in a hostel somewhere.

Overall, I really DID love the city, despite the circumstances. It was busy, loud, crazy, and there were tons of expats. I need to go live there someday.

For more history on Ho Chi Minh city click here

**Unfortunately I have no idea where my pics of this city went, but I have a great memory of them in my mind….

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