Welcome to Vietnam

Oops, my visa in Cambodia expired by a couple of days so when I crossed the border I got dinged $20. YES, $20 was A LOT OF MONEY at this time and area of my life. I sobbed inside, got over it, paid the fee and was off to what would be my most favorite country I have ever been to. 


I spent a few days in Phu Quoc; it’s a little island off the south of Vietnam that could easily be reached by boat. I stayed at the beach, got massages, read in the sun, played in the water (while trying to avoid jelly fish), and motorbiked all over the main land. At one point we motorbiked to some waterfalls and met a Vietnamese family having a picnic on the rocks. They asked us to join in and of course I couldn’t decline. It was fun to chat with a family and eat some of the traditional food and wine they had made. 

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