The pics say it all….. Two years of loving the life I lived in Korea.

There is no way I can share EVERYTHING… But I think this page is a good summary.



While living in Korea I ran a 10K, four half marathons, and one full marathon. The night before the 10K my friends and I had a few bottles of wine – each? The next morning with stained red lips we called a cab and showed up to our race that was an hour north of our city just in time to make the start time by TWO minutes. Not a care in the world. We ran the race; I PRed and got a satisfying 50 minutes, and we went and drank Magkeolli out of frisbees and trash bins post race in the park. That’s just WHAT YOU DO. A beautiful day for a little bit of exercise. 


LOTS of 맥주 (BEER)

Yep – beer, magkeolli, soju, somak, you name it. Prep a little soju cocktail outside of a 7-11 before a night out. Alcohol is VERY cheap in this country and it is RUDE not to drink if offered by a Korean (especially a superior). 



I played ultimate during my two years in Korea. This was really the reason that I loved my life so much at the time. My Ulsan teammates were my family and we would travel almost every weekend to play across the country. I was also able to fly to Jeju for an international tournament and my team won the championships in the spring of 2014! This kept me sane and active the whole time I was abroad. 



Just. Eat. Everything….                                                                                                                   well except the smelly dried squid, beondegi, and live octupus. 



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