Dad goes to Japan for a few hours

Have you heard of the island of Tsushima? I didn’t think so.


There is this tiny little island in the Sea of Japan (or the East Sea if you are Korean). It’s just about a two hour ferry ride from where I was living in South Korea. During one of the days that my dad was visiting we hopped on the ferry and headed over for the day. It was a cute, sleepy town. We walked around for about an hour, got lunch and beers, and then headed back to Korea. Not a bad day to head out for a little culture and Asahi. My dad said he loved the cleanliness and the weather (it was very warm in January). And he was fascinated by the hatred toward Koreans.

Koreans are very much NOT WELCOME. See the signs above – “All Korean tourist can not allowed.” Tension? Yes, still very much so.

For more information about the disputes over Tsushima.

**At the time I was living in Ulsan, SK. My dad spent a week in January of 2014 with me and he was just DYING to get his passport stamped elsewhere.

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