I missed two American Thanksgivings in a row and was a bit mopey.


But, no time to be sad. I have this amazing life abroad and get to hang out with super cute kids. I made them do a little project on what they were all thankful for.

Here’s a bit about what it looked like:


  1. I’m thankful for my family isn’t sick leave.
  2. I’m thankful for eating many foods. Because some countrys can’t eat many foods or can’t eat food. 
  3. My country have peace. (no war)
  4. I can study in good place. because some people can’t study or studying in bad places. 
  5. I can leave (live) in Korea.
  6. I meet good parents. than I can go
  7. Parents bring me and two sisters because many familys are busy and don’t go trip not much. 
  8. I can communicate with god. because some people can’t communicate with god, but I can. 
  9. I’m not bad or rude child, because some children are very rude or actions is bad.
  10. I can study with Roran (Lauren) teacher!!

The above may not be PERFECT English, but still is very cute. 

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