Skinny dipping in Boracay

In July 2013 I spent a week in Boracay, Philippines. Originally I had planned the trip solo but grabbed a few friends to come along with me. This was my first time to the Philippines and I was excited for a lazy week on the beach. During this time of year in particular, a lot of foreign teachers who were living in Korea were on holiday so I met a lot of people who were doing the same thing as me.

I highly recommend going to Boracay. However, 8 days is MORE than enough. I definitely made the most of it. July is the rainy season. Although it rained very hard each day, there was plenty of sun, as well.

  • Stay @ Frendz hostel. I was there for a week. I met so many people here and we would have game nights and go out together each night. It’s a one minute walk to the beach.

  • Spend a day @ Ariel’s Point cliff diving.

  • There are so many tours for kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, sailing, etc. It doesn’t end. Each day my friends and I would plan a new tour. Or we would be content just soaking up the sun with a Red Horse & a book.

  • It is an island completely catered to tourists. Remember to eat the street food. Fish eyeballs are weird. It’s way cheaper than the restaurants on the water.

  • Rum & cokes are only 100 pesos ($1) and beers are 50 pesos.

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