Sister turns 21


Happy 21st birthday Heather. What better place to spend it than South Korea? After working for a bit over 6 months and being out of college I felt like I had a stable income. NO RENT OR CAR is always nice. So I bought my sis a ticket for her birthday to come visit me in the ROK. However, as my dad is obsessed with travel deals, he then bought my mom a ticket for HER birthday. So both of the ladies were off to see me in March of 2013. It would be a week filled with soju, KBBQ, going to the beach-ee, and of course me working because who has time for vacation while living this Korean life?

It was a late Saturday night in Incheon (Seoul airport) when I saw two blondies making their way through the gates. We hugged, laughed, didn’t cry and headed straight to our hotel in Gangnam where we would be staying for the night. Luckily I could just easily hop on the inexpensive KTX train and travel across the country in just over an hour and a half to meet up with them. We spent the weekend in Seoul site-seeing. We visited Gyeongbokgung Palace, went to the largest Christian church in the world (which apparently has a bit of controversy – oopsy), walked through the markets and ate everything. Ask ma about the egg-in-a-waffle – mashisayo!!

During the week they hung around Ulsan while I was teaching. I brought them to class one day to show them how I do my thing. When the kiddos saw the two other “Laurens” they were shocked. “Teachuhhhh, I am going crazy!” They also spent time at the beach, read in the sunshine, and enjoyed the local 7 Elevens. We went all around the city during the evenings. The night markets, good restaurants, and the beach were SO CLOSE to my house. I made sure that we were constantly eating because that’s what you do when you visit a new place. DUCK BBQ was my favorite restaurant that I took them to. 

We spent the following weekend in my favorite city, Busan, and hung around Haeundae Beach for a day. I also took them to Gyeongju which is the historical capitol. I definitely got us very lost in Gyeongju for about three hours while we were heading in the wrong direction from what I had intended to bring them to. More eating, drinking, walking, busing, and Korea-ing.

Heather loved the hiking, Shabu Shabu, the talking toilets, the squatters, the markets, the different coffee shops, and buying soju from 7 Eleven – how does it only cost 1200 WON ($1)!?

Ma enjoyed seeing her wonderful daughter and was really impressed with all of the outdoor workout stations.

Showing them my home in Korea was so much fun. I love living across the world, speaking my bits and piece of Korean – 맥주주세요, and making sure others around me are having a good time. 

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