First week of teaching in Korea


  • On the first day of school I was about five minutes early. My co-teacher asked why I was there so early and just instructed me to sit and relax.
  • I work 11-6:30 Mon-Fri with lunch breaks.
  • I teach about a 11 classes a day. Kindy (ages 5-7) in the mornings and elementary (ages 9-12) in the afternoons. I love the variety. The little kids are adorable and I really like teaching the older kids because they know English fairly well.
  • I have two other co-workers from the states.
  • Lunch is provided at the school every day. So far I have tried squid, fish, seaweed, and something really spicy that makes my eyes water. Oh, and of course, lots of kimchi.
  • The kids are always screaming hello at me and jumping all over me. They won’t stop staring at me and talk about my big alien eyes.
  • When being introduced to my classes the kids guessed where I was from. Some of the best answers were Italy, France, Mexico, and China.
  • Everyone keeps asking if I have a boyfriend or am married.
  • Don’t write your name in red! At least I only wrote my own name so didn’t curse anyone else.
  • Heads up seven up and hangman are great ways to pass a few minutes of free time in class.
  • The little kids love ABC competitions and screaming.
  • Every elementary student has a smart phone. They use it for translating and telling me when class is over.
  • For our “culture” project this week the kids are making me Valentine’s Day cards.
  • Every kid has a “Konglish” shirt. Everything is spelled incorrectly.
  • All of the kids have “English” names. Some of the boys are named Bliss, Mighty, Chrissy, Joy, Beryl, Mirror, and DRAGON.
Study study study
Worst lesson EVER. I refused to teach this chapter
One student’s pencil case….
Let’s talk about cow farts

It was the best first week I could ask for. Work is a lot of fun.

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