Meeting my Ukrainian family

Have you ever been to a rock-folk music festival? It was so fun spending a summer evening at a show where everyone was dressed in punk and Gothic clothing while drinking cheap beers. I was dancing around with my little brother and cousins without a care in the world. During the summer of 2012 I spent a few weeks in Ukraine. For about a week or so my brother Colin, cousin Natasha, and uncle Oleh, and I took a bus over to Dubno to visit some of our extended cousins, Oleya and Vasil and their daughter Tania. They lived just outside of town in a cozy little home.

Instead of giving out Christmas presents the previous year, my family decided to donate money to them so that they could have their first toilet and bathtub installed. It’s very common to just have an outhouse outside and so they were very grateful. They were really excited to show it off to us. They were great hosts and seemed to really enjoy showing us around the town and gave us TONS of candy. We went to the Dubno castle, went to a church service, and went in the Spring of St. Anna 

I’m really glad that I had to the opportunity to visit our family and see the roots of my heritage. By visiting them I am even more grateful, despite the politics and craziness, to be an American. The family we visited don’t have the privileges that we as Americans do. It was a humbling experience to see where the Kubik family came from.

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