A private tour of the Queen’s backyard

I took the train from Paris to London for a weekend in 2011 with a few friends. We had a few free days in our study abroad itinerary and wanted to explore a new city. When we arrived we walked around the city doing our touristy thing. We went to Buckingham Palace, Parliament, and walked all over the river Thames. My friend Julie actually had a connection to stay on the grounds of Windsor Palace so we stayed there for two nights. St. George’s Chapel was one of my favorite sites because it’s the burial site of King Henry VIII who I had just read a lot about and a lot of other famous royalties. We had our own private tour during sunset and it was such a unique experience. We weren’t allowed to take photos because it was private property.

What’s so cool about Windsor???

  • Founded by King Edward III in 1348
  • It is the other church of the order of the garter
  • From 1475-1528 there was major redevelopment by Henry VII & Henry VIII
  • In 1642 it was destroyed during the English Civil War and repaired during the restoration of the monarchy 
  • The tower of William the Conqueror was built in 1066
  • Those are the only notes from my journal! For more info check out google Image result for smile emoji


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