Mont St. Michel

Mont St. Michel – Historical overview:

  • 708: sanctuary built on the rock to honor the archangel 
  • 10th century: Benedict monks settled in the abbey
  • Extensions through the 14th century
  • 1337-1453: stronghold military architecture during the Hundred Years War
  • It’s a symbol of French national identity
  • Post-revolution (1789)-1863: used as a prison 
  • 1874: classified as a historical monument
  • Tourist site today – experience what the people saw as a representation of heavenly Jerusalem on earth – paradise

The Archangel Michael – the head of the heavenly militia

  • Appears in the book of Revelation
  • He fights and defeats a dragon
  • In the eyes of the (Catholic) church he was the only warlike angel who could fight against Protestant heresy 
  • Holds a sword and a set of scales
  • The statue was created in 1897


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