Once upon a time, in a land far away, was a princess who was…..most likely married off to some dude because of pressure from her family for the purpose of making babies. The end!



  • Chateau de Chillon is on the eastern end of Lake Geneva 

  • It consists of 100 independent buildings connected to what it is today

  • It was made popular by Lord Byron who carved his name into the castle

  • The history was outlined by three major periods

    • Savoy period (12th through early 16th century): The oldest written document from castle dates is from 1150; it says that the house of Savoy has been controlling the route along the shores of Lake Geneva.

    • Bernese period (1536-1798): The Swiss Bernese conquered the Pays de Vaud and occupied Chillon in 1536. The castle became a fortress, arsenal, and prison for over 260 years.

    • Vaudois period (1798-present): The Bernese left Chillon in 1798 at the time of the Vaudois Revolution. The castle became property of the canton of Vaud (1803). Restoration started then and continues through today. 

  •  Has inspired artists and writers such as:

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