Wine during a lecture….

Fribourg was the land of fondue, fondue, churches, and more fondue – oh and some other stuff…. I literally remember eating and drinking wine – and there was A LOT of wine – while listening to a lecture and I could NOT stop nodding off…. exhaustion, wine, traveling, rambling… well I did learn something! See the notes below:



  • Fribourg lies in the central plateau of Swiss

  • 1157: founded by Duke Berthold IV

  • 1481: became a member of the Swiss confederation

  • Social structures: there was a nobility and upper class until 1798 – after that there was the creation of the democratic structures

  • German and French speaking

  • Mainly Catholic, but open to other religions from the mid 19th century on

  • St. Nicholas’ Cathedral

    • 1283: construction began

    • 1430: completion of the church

    • 1490: completion of the west tower

    • 1512: it was ranked as a collegiate church

    • 1803: the church became the property of the state of Fribourg

    • It represents three eras of western civilization – gothic, baroque, and modern


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