Easter with the pope

In April I was waiting outside St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican City with my study abroad group to go to the service. What better way to spend Easter than WITH THE POPE? We wanted to get there early so that we could get good seats. Our group arrived at about 5AM and we waited patiently for the gates to be open a few hours later.

The lines were getting crowded quickly and eventually we were let in. People were running in to get toward the front row. As we were entering, there was a stampede of nuns flocking to the front. No disrespect at all, but at least say SCUZI! But we could settle for third row – not too shabby.

During the service I was nodding off. I mean, come on, after a night of boxed wine and waking up at 4am, what would you expect? But the pope made his entrance in his pope-mobile, did his Italian thing, and blessed the people. It was a really great experience to be at the Vatican during Easter for Easter. Easter Sunday is the greatest feast day and culmination of Holy week and the whole year. It’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

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