The Colosseum and other OLD THINGS

The Colosseum is an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome

What exactly is this big ancient stadium thing that has a chunk bitten into it?

  • Back in 72 A.D. some important human said, “Oh, let’s start constructing this really large stadium so that we can fight and play games and do all this macho man stuff!” And so there you have it… Construction began, slave labor did it’s thing, and it was completed eight years later. 

  • It was used for medieval entertainment such as: gladiator contests, mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactment of battles, and dramas. 

  • It later was used for housing workshops, was a quarters for religious order, was a fortress, quarry, and a Christian shrine. 


The Colosseum in it’s present state is still standing but has also been semi-destroyed throughout it’s almost 2000 years of existence. Standing in the Colosseum brings you back in time and raises questions about the significance and events from the past. This really brought history to life in a great and tangible way. The detailed and enormous architecture helped me appreciate those who worked together to go above and beyond to make a great and symbolic center during the Roman Empire. 

  • The Roman Forum is a plaza of ancient ruins. They were ancient government buildings that were the most important structures at the center of the city – well of course they were if it had to do with politics **eye-roll please. 

  • Romulus was the first King of Rome 2,764 years ago.

  • During the 5th century B.C. the first temples were created:

    • Temple of Saturn

    • Temple of Castor and Polux

    • Temple of Concord

  • The Arch of Augustus stated “I found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble.” (29 B.C.)

  • 6th century: There was a transformation into converting the forum to Christianity.

  • 1500 years in-between: This thing happened, that thing happened, diseases spread, and more people died…..

  • Present day: there are lots of places for cats to hide and pizza shops on every corner. 

Along with our week stay in Roma we went to a futbol match which was SO SO FUN, walked through all of the ruins, explored the museums, ate LOTS of pizza, went to the Trevi Fountain, biked through the parks, and Easter-ed with the pope. 

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