In the summer of 2008 my parents threw me on a plane as a high school grad gift and sent me to Mexico to work at a summer camp for a month. I HATED the idea of being away from my friends and being forced to speak conversational Spanish with people I didn’t know. I had spent a week in the same area with my family the year before, but it was at a nice all-inclusive resort where I just worked on sneaking piña coladas and getting a tan. It was a great time, but I prefer divey hostels & cozy home-stays. The best thing to trigger my wanderlust was that my parents threw me out of my comfort zone and into this little excursion. Since I was 18 I knew I wanted to travel the world. 
During my junior year of college I was able to study abroad and spent three months in Europe that spring. After that, I was 100% hooked on learning about new cultures and seeing new places. During my entire senior year I was looking into programs such as the Peace Corps and teaching abroad that could get me more travel experience post-graduation. I KNEW I would need an income as I would graduate with $30k in student loan debt, but I wouldn’t let that hinder my need for adventure. In December of 2011 I officially knew I would be teaching in Korea that following summer. Little did I know that I would fall in love with Asia and stay there for more than two years. 
After 10 years of traveling internationally and through the states I finally compiled some of my stories and launched this blog in spring 2017. I have so many memories of the places I have been to and the people I have met along the way. Not only that, but at age 27 I knocked out my $30k in student debt. All the while I had traveled to about 20 countries by volunteering, teaching English, and making it a point to save and travel frugally. Enjoy the stories and bits of history! 

XOXO Lauren

**Born & raised in Spokane, WA & currently living in Seattle, WA as a social worker. I help homeless and low-income adults get employment and services to become job ready. Just bought a one way ticket back to Asia for February 2018. Will get my CELTA in Bangkok and stay forever-ish.

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